Monthly Archives: February 2018

SBI Green Marathon Bangalore 10k Run 2018

In 2018, I finally came back to Bangalore (India) after I have not been there for four years. I already noticed in the years before that there are now many running events and even though I checked during my previous visits if there is any during my stay, I was lucky for the first time that there was one now. The event was going to happen on Sunday, 18th of Feb, and It was just 1.5km away from my hotel. The distance was 10k. Continue reading

Ahmadiyya Charity Run Leimen 2017

Ende November fielen uns in St. Ilgen auf einmal Plakate für einen Charity Walk/Run der Ahmadiyya Gemeine Leimen auf, der am 28.10. auf unserem Sportplatz stattfinden sollte. Es gab zwar nur die Infos auf den Plakaten, da dort aber stand, dass es auch einen Kinderlauf geben würde, sind wir als ganze Familie startbereit zu dem Lauf gegangen. Continue reading